Rug Cleaning Scams

How to Avoid Rug Cleaning Scams

Beware of companies advertising themselves as rug cleaners – many have no proper training, premises, equipment or accreditations. We know these rug-cleaning cowboys are active locally!

Avoid web sites that don’t provide full address details – this frequently means the advertiser doesn’t have proper premises and will send your rug away to a third party or attempt to clean it on their garage floor.

Consider whether pictures on web sites or adverts are what they seem – or are they just photos copied from other media or stock photos from libraries? Trustworthy cleaners should be happy to promote themselves with their own pictures.

Carefully check adverts that purport to be “local” – many are not, even if they show a local telephone code. Far-flung companies populate their web sites with lists of towns so as search engine listings give the impression of their being local.

Don’t assume that accreditations shown on a web site or advert are genuine – they are often not. You can easily confirm membership by contacting the organisations directly – use the links on our site to check for sure.

Be aware of potential “Bait & switch” scams – common amongst cowboy rug and carpet cleaners. You’ll be offered an apparently low price only for it to be considerably increased as work progresses.

Ask to visit the potential supplier (even if you don’t want to actually go!) as this will expose many a scam cleaner. Click here for details of how to visit the Restoraction Rug Cleaning Works – you’ll be very welcome!